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This group of leading cannabis supply and service companies represent the best and the brightest in the industry.  Comprised of contract manufacturers, software providers, formulators, marketing strategists, packaging providers, real estate developers, clone masters, licensing application experts, lawyers, research scientists, responsible vendor trainers, grow design and build-out veterans, extraction equipment specialists, and business professionals Dudonova Group offers an unprecedented collection of expertise and methods to fit the needs of any client. Our providers can offer a wide range of services that can custom fit the needs of your business.  Think of Dudonova Group as your direct online cannabis directory to vetted and experienced cannabis veterans.  How are we paid? Our fees are covered by Dudonova Group providers. That means, there is no cost to you for our consulting and negotiation services. Allow Dudonova Group to expedite your search for the best and brightest in the industry getting you into the market quickly




Dudonova Group was created to add value and to create impact with our roots originally beginning in renewable energy and corporate social responsibility.  Gradually pivoting into textiles and hemp Dudonova Group saw a common need for our services in many fields who were working to create change through innovation and social impact.  Working to help organizations get organized, design and implement processes and leverage their knowledge to reach new audiences, the Dudonova Group will always offer our services to projects that create impact.  We volunteer, we mentor, we host roundtables and meetings to bring Dudonova Group members together to share resources and services because benefitting all is in our DNA and culture.   




You've worked hard to create your company, build a brand, leap into a new industry or bring that novel product to market.  How you present yourself is just as important as how the public eye views your brand.  You may be looking for the next round of investors, strategic partnership, or you may be looking to land your next dream job, feeling good in how you present yourself is as empowering as what you put on your investment packet or resume.  At Dudonova Group we empower people to shine forth from the inside through how they dress.  From polishing up etiquette to wardrobe consultations to individualized stylizing, Dudonova Group gets you doing what you do best  quickly and in style 


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