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Wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, assistance in packing for short or extended trips, overall image consulting from color theory to helping with fits, to working with shapes, hairstyles, necklines, styling for photoshoots, and helping delineate appropriate dress for various occasions. 

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We host and share events!  Look here for our 2019 spring trunk show featuring Gretchen Dudon, Sage & Mercantile designs and other local artists we find inspiring.  

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Coming soon.  We're currently compiling our client's feedback and direct experiences in working with Dudonova Group.

Client FAQs

1. Where do your consultations take place? Usually at your home.  

2. Can you work with my existing wardrobe?  Absolutely.  Often our clients need help with a wardrobe overhaul when we can assess which items to keep, which items are ready to donate, and which items or pieces you could benefit from adding to your collection.  We like to keep as much of those favorite items as possible and can always work within your budget.

3. Can you make a Prince out of a toad?  Yes.  We find and see the beauty in everyone and everything.  Image consultants bring out the best in you; parts of you that you may not yet see for yourself. This applies to etiquette and the clothes you choose to wear.  We can work with the best ways to present yourself to others.  This goes for women and men. 

4. Do you work with make-up artists and hair stylists?  Absolutely and we have great ones in my Group.  We also have amazing estheticians.   

5. Do you work with both men and women?  Yes. 

6. How do you charge for your services?  It depends on what you need help with.  We charge an hourly, daily or project based rates.  We can assess what type of budget you're working with and what pressing needs you have to determine our fees.  

7. Where do you like to take people shopping? Many places,  It depends on your budget and the look you are going for.  We enjoy consignment shops and brick and mortar retails shops like Madewell, Nordstrom, Island Farm, Macy's, Sak's, Ralph Lauren, and  Cedar & Hyde.  

8. Do you receive commission payments from anybody other than your clients? No we don't.  We take people shopping where we feel items would suit them best, both in terms of their budget and overall needs.

9. How did you get into image consulting? Gretchen has always loved expressing herself through what she wears.  Her Mom taught her this at a young age and always ensured her children were well dressed.  Growing up and attending private schools and wearing uniforms were a bit limiting for Gretchen so she found ways to express herself through accessories, hair and shoes.  As she grew up, friends would naturally ask her to help them pick something out to wear to certain events.  Gretchen loves serving others and nurturing both her creative side and that inherent beauty in everybody.  I guess you could say it fell into her lap :) 

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